1. SAP Data Service Overview

Data Services-Introduction
DS Architecture
Introduction to Repository Manager & Server Manager
Types of Repositories
a. Local repository
b. Central repository
c. Profile repository
Repository creation
Server manger types a. Job server
b. Access server
Repository Assignment to server manager (Job server)
2. Data services designer introduction

3. DS Object hierarchy

4. File Formats & Datastore introduction

Data store-Overview & Types
Data store creation – DB, SAP, Adapter
Flat file formats
Data Extraction from legacy and SAP systems
5. DS objects introduction

Work flow
ABAP Dataflow
Conditional workflow
While loop
6. Transforms

Platform Transforms
Data Integrator
Introduction to Data quality transforms
Text data processing
7. Data Services advanced components

Variables, Parameters, Substitution Parameters
DS built-in functions
Scripting language
System/Datastore configuration
Recovery mechanism a. Automatic recovery
b. Manual recovery
8. Performance optimization

Execution strategies
Pushdown operations
Degree of parallelism
Parallel processing
Advanced options in source and Target tables
Data transfer transform
9. SCD types implementation in BODS

Source based mechanism
Target based mechanism
10. SAP ECC/S4 Extraction
11. S4 Migration from legacy ECC/Other legacy systems using IDOC & BAPI.
12. IDOC error analysis & handling.
13. IDOC error report.
14. BODS Framework for S4 Migration projects.
15. Release Management (ATL/Central Repository).
16. Management console.

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