1. Introduction

ERP and ERP Packages
SAP and its architecture
SAP and its modules
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and its areas
Discussions with Participants
2. Overview

Getting Started
The HR module
Organizational Information
Employee Information
3. Organizational Management

Structure in SAP HCM
Relationships – Structure and Syntax
Methods of Creating Organization Structure
Editing of Objects and Relationships
Validity Period
Organization Units, Positions, Jobs, Tasks, Reporting structure
4. Configuring an Organizational Structure

Create Objects
Essential Relationships
Create Description
Create Department/Staff
Add Relationships
Maintain Plan Data
Add account assignment to the company organizational unit
Account assignment features
Structure Maintenance
5. Configuring Positions

Configure Positions
Configure Reporting Relationships
Produce an Organizational Structure Report
6. Personnel Administration

Integration setting with OM and PA
Master Data Definition and its use in SAP HCM
Enterprise Structure – Definition and Assignment
Company Code
Personnel Area
Personnel Sub Area
Personnel structure Definition and Assignment
Employee Group
Employee Subgroup
Payroll Area and Control Record (with Retroactive Accounting Period)
7. Executing a Personnel Action:

Hire an Employee
Make changes to Employee Master Data
Produce an Employee List report for the new employee
8. Establishing the Enterprise Structure

Configuring Personnel Sub-Areas
Employee Sub-groups
Grouping for Work Schedules
Time Management

Introduction to time management time management process in HR
Domain and SAP HR time management differentiation a discussion
Positive and Negative Time Recording with Business Process Discussion
Public Holidays configuration of different types of Holidays
Holiday Calendar with Business scenarios Applicability with Enterprise Structure
Factory Calendar in HR Perspective
Grouping Personnel sub Area & employee sub group Grouping in TM
Work Schedules
Break Schedule
Daily work Schedules
Period work schedules
Day types and Day type selection rules
ESG, Holiday calendar assignment for PSA
Work Schedule Rules
Time Management Info types
Positive Time Recording Understanding of different Evaluation Schema
Use of Time Management Process with ESS/MSS scenarios
10. Approvals in HR master data Update

Hands On: Running a payroll
d. Travel Management
11. Payroll

Introduction of Payroll
Payroll Process
IT 0008 – Basic Pay
IT0014 – Recurring Payment and Deductions
IT0015 – Additional Payments and Deductions
Indian Tax Infotype – 0580 to 0588
Indian Payroll Driver
Payroll Log – RT and CRT
IT0003 Payroll Status – Time and Payroll Retro accounting Run
PA 03 – Control Record and Status
IT0057 – Membership Fee
Indian Standard Schemas and PCR
12. Quick Tips

Completing an Action
Maintaining Free Text
Time Off
Creating Positions
Changing Cost Centers
Changing Bank Details
Recurring Payments and Deductions
Changing Addresses
Viewing Organizational Structure
Changing Work Rule
Date Types
Preparing for an Interview with SAP HCM Consultant
13. Reports

Standard Report in SAP HCM Understanding and execution
Development of Custom Reports in SAP HCM projects- process and executing the same
Process of preparing the project oriented documents in the customized developments

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