1 Introduction
1.1 SAP Project system overview
– Customer Project
– Investment Project

2 Structures and Master Data
2.1 Basic Principles
2.2 Work Breakdown Structure
2.3 Networks and Activities
2.4 Milestones
2.5 Documents
2.6 Status- System and User status
2.7 Editing Functions
2.8 Versions

3 Planning Functions
3.1 Time Scheduling
3.2 Resource Planning
3.3 Material Planning
3.4 Planning Costs
3.5 Revenue Planning

4 Budgets
4.1 Budgeting Functions in SAP Project System
4.1.1 Original budget
4.1.2 Current budget
4.1.3 Supplement/Return/transfer
4.2 Integration with Investment Management

5 Project Execution Processes
5.1 Actual Dates
5.2 Account Assignment of Documents
5.3 Confirmations
5.4 External Procurement of Services
5.5 Material Procurement and Delivery
5.6 Billing

6 Period-End Closing
6.1 Settlement
6.1.1 Settlement to Asset
6.1.2 Settlement to GL/Cost Center /COPA

7 Reporting
7.1 Project Information System: Structures
7.2 Project Information System: Financials
7.3 Logistical Reports
7.4 Project Summarization

Advance Topics –
1. Project System
i. How to create Project and WBS Structure,
ii. How to create Network and Activities and Milestones.
iii. Creation of Purchase Req. For Projects,
iv. MM Cycle for Project system PR- PO- GRN and SES
v. SD Cycle for Project System Creation of Sale Order and Invoices.
vi. Integration with Other modules. (MM, IM, SD, FICO)
vii. Settlement to Asset, GL and other controlling objects.
viii Project Closure Activities.


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