1 Introduction to SuccessFactors

  • Introduction to Cloud Solutions
  • Why SuccessFactors
  • On-Premise Vs Cloud
  • Data Centers
  • Types of Projects
  • Implementation Methodologies
  • Environments/Landscape
  • SuccessFactors Core & Talent Management Modules Overview
  • Role of Professional Services Consultant (Certified Consultant)
    • SuccessFactors System Architecture
    • System Landscape URL’s
  • Introduction to Instance and Provisioning systems
  • Super Admin Creation/Admin ID Creation
    • Significance of Manage Role-Based Permission Access
    • CAR (Customer Instance Access Request) form Process
    • Authorized URL’s for Certified Consultant
    • Consultant Vs End-User
    • Certification Process
    • Types of Certifications

2 Introduction to Mastery

  • Home Page  Setup
    • A Welcome Banner (Home Page)                          
    • Quick Action section (Home Page)                       
    • For You Today section (To-Do Sections)             
    • Approvals Section  (To-Do Sections)      
    • Supplemental Tasks (To-Do Sections)                 
    • Organizational Updates Section (Cards)             
    • Custom Cards Creation
    • Folders Creation
  • Admin Center Tools a glance
  • Manage Languages
  • Text Replacement
  • Company Logo and Login page setup
  • Password and Login Policy Settings
  • Instance Theming – Theme Manager
  • Action Search
  • Admin Center Vs Next Gen Admin
  • My Favorites
  • Admin Settings
  • User Settings
  • Proxy Management
  • Email Notification Template Settings


  1. Employee Central (EC)
  2. What is Employee Central?
  3. Employee Central Implementation Steps
  4. What is a Data Model with Overview of XML?

                                           3.1 Corporate Data Model

                                           3.2 Country Specific Corporate Data Model

                                           3.3 Succession Data Model

                                           3.4 Country Specific Succession Data Model

                                          3.5 Workflow Rules Data Model – Optional

  1. Objects

                                           4.1 Foundation Objects

                                           4.2 MDF Objects or Generic Objects

                                           4.3 Personal and Employment Objects

  1. Foundation Object Imports

5.1 Import and Export Data

5.2 Import Foundation Data

  1. Associations

                                           6.1 Generic Object to Generic Object Associations (GO-GO)

                                           6.2 Generic Object to Foundation Object Associations (GO-FO)

                                           6.3 Foundation Object to Foundation Object Associations (FO-FO)

                                           6.4 Foundation Object to Generic Object Associations (FO-GO)

  1. Picklist Center – Details

7.2 Custom Picklist Configuration with Live Process

  1. Manage configuration UI | Business Configuration UI
  2. Business Rules Configuration – Types

9.1 Object Level

9.2 Portlet and Field Level

9.3 Workflow Rules

  1. Set Default Object Start Date
  2. Object level Validation Rule

                                                    III.            Position Code Auto Generation

  1. Default FTE | Position Type | Vacant Status | Change Reason in Position Object
  2. Display Name | Birth Name default as per the Employee’s First Name
  3. Preferred Name as per the Employee’s Surname

                                                  VII.            Concatenate Employee’s First Name and Last Name

                                                VIII.            Marital Status Visibility

  1. Employee’s Retirement Date
  2. Set default Currency and Frequency in the Pay Component field level
  3. Set default Currency and Frequency in the Hire Wizard Level

                                                  XII.            Set Ok to Rehire

                                                XIII.            Personal Information Data Changes with Workflow

                                                XIV.            Employee ID Auto Generation with sequence

  1. Hire Approval – Hire Wizard

                                                XVI.            Rehire Approval – Rehire Wizard

                                              XVII.            Termination Approval

                                            XVIII.            Set Default Probation Period End Date

                                                XIX.            Probation Period Alerts and Notifications

  1. Work Permit Alerts and Notifications

                                                XXI.            Miscellaneous Data Changes in the Job Information Portlet Level

                                              XXII.            Others

  1. Workflows – Role | Dynamic Role | Dynamic Group
  2. Events and Event Reasons
  3. Role Based Permissions

                                           12.1 Manage Permissions Roles

                                           12.2 Manage Permission Groups

                                           12.3 User Permissions

  1. Global Assignment
  2. Position Management

                                           14.1 Job to Position Sync


  1. Data Migration

15.1 Import Employee Data

15.2 Employee Export

  1. HRIS Sync Job (Mappings between EC to EP)
  2. Configure People Profile
  3. Custom Portlets Configuration
  4. Custom MDF Objects with Limitations
  5. Position Object customization with Limitations
  6. MDF/GO Objects customization with Limitations
  7. FO Objects customizations with Limitations
  8. Company Structure Overview
  9. Org Chart Vs Position Org Chart
  10. EC Reports Generation
  11. Hire Process
  12. Rehire Process
  13. Termination Process
  14. Other HR/HRIS Transactions
  15. Mini Master/Basic User Data/UDF Configuration
  16. 4. Time-Off


    • Introduction to Time Off and Time Sheet Settings
    • SAP HR TM Vs SF Time Off
    • Time Management – Types –> Leave of Absence – Overview
    • Holiday and Holiday Calendar
    • Work Schedule
    • Time Type
    • Time Account Type
    • Time Profile
    • Hire/Recruit Business Rule
    • Termination Business Rule
    • Accrual Business Rule
    • PEP (Period End Posting) Rule
    • Interim Updates Business Rules
    • Take Rules
    • Set up Time Off for Employees                                                                                                

    Project Orientation:

    1. Project Methodology with Phases
    2. Workbooks Explanation
    3. Certification Process (CER006/CER001 – THR81 and THR94)
    4. Real Time Project Implementation Process with Roles



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